9 Sites To Offer Your Current Artwork Online

From my experience, majority prefer to buy cheaper art which may range within $100. There are instances collectors would willing to go higher than $500 or $1, 000. But usually those returning buyers are willing to go for bigger and expensive art. You then can direct them to your website and update them with new artworks from time to time. Putting artwork online just by itself is not going to do the whole job.

My channel has started gaining some good audience and i am hoping to start earning enough from it to make it my permanent job. The only issue i have faced so far is how to get affiliate material for my videos and how to monetize my social media channels. Registering with affiliate networks is a tedious and difficult job.

My offers were rejected many times before it got accepted. Now i have found a website name revglue which can monetize your website, blog or any social media channel so that you can earn money from it.

In general, however, yes you can sell the same photo on several stock photo/agency sites. PhotoShelter is an online shop to sell and deliver prints to the clients. They allow you to set up your template for sharing the photos. From there, Snapped4u sells your images as jpeg files and emails them immediately to you buyers.

Selling From Website

It is required to create awareness, to do the marketing part. The issue with all the websites you listed is the fact that none have a focus approach. You got lost in and of art and style and often the filter is very bad… It is not user friendly.

They handle all the affiliate related work for me so i focus more on my social media promotion. you can also find details about them here at revglue(. )com/blog-detail/24-monetise-your-youtube-channels-and-reviews-with-revsocial. i have to pay a small amount of my revenue to them for there services but considering the alternative i say that i got the better deal. I had also worked with shutterstock in the past but YouTube pays you more for your effort. However, you will need to read the requirements and terms for each site to be certain.

Just remember when selling prints, you’ll have to factor in the cost of printing, packing and shipping. Adobe Stock is a stock photo marketplace by the maker of the most popular photo editing software solutions, including Photoshop and Lightroom. This platform has been around for over 10 years and known to be the very first online marketplace to sell photos. Check this simple guide on how to create a photography website in WordPress. The majority of professional photography sites online are created on WordPress. The number one best place to sell photos online is on your own website. I think the only way to sell your art is to promote it through social media, forums, blogs etc.

Then, Snapped4u sends you the money you made via PayPal on the first of each month. Snapped4u makes selling your event photos a piece of cake. If you shoot weddings, parties, engagements or other events, Snapped4u was designed to make your life easier and your pocket thicker.